To the World

I was shaped by the world.

My mother taught me to care,

My sisters taught me to share.

My father taught me to stand out,

My brothers taught me to stand up.

My cousins taught me to love,

and my grandparents taught me to rise above.

I was shaped by the world.

My friends taught me to be myself,

My teachers taught me the books on the self.

My schools taught me to keep my prioreties in line,

My sports taught me body over mind.

My job taught me patience,

My church taught me service.

I was shaped by the world. 

The world taught me "without hard work, 

nothing grows but weeds."

The world taught me the difference

between "wants" and "needs."

The world was my teacher,

The world was my friend. 

The world is now why I can 

endure to the end. 

I was shaped by the world. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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