This World


This world is not my home

These people I walk among

Dream out loud

Defining themselves by what they dream

They walk in colors of black and blue

Like the bruises and the marks on their skin

And the hunger eating them all in

Categorized in multiple sectors

Hiding beneath the lies

Promising things they already have

And taking away what they need

As one generation fall

Another rise

Falling into deceit

Pity and greed

Drenched in the color red

A symbol for all the death they've seen

Parts of the death they've cause

And portions of their body they've bleed

A thousand tears rise from the ground

Those of the deceased

And those they've brutally terrorized

Revealing in discreet

This world that I'm forced to live in

Surrounds every breath

That I breathe

The only way out is by death

Where the body disintegrate

Leaving the remains of hallow bones

That's left to feel

Every pain that's been done

And every life that's been taken

I walk amongst the worst of them all

Tantalized and captured by my presence

Running the path towards escaping

A path that also leads to death

Screaming for what is broken

But left with the sound of my own voice

Release me

Echoing, hanging by the sight of one touch

This world I walk among

Stranded, with the last breath that I have left

Release me, I cry

The sound of my voice carry on

But in the end, it was no longer mine

In this world I am alone

This world is my home


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