Work is What I AM

I am work

Work is what I learned very young is what I need to take me where I want to go.

In every aspect of my life I've had to work hard to get there, this I know.

Work is part of life, for those who desire success.

I learned this growing up on a dairy farm, in 4H, church, basketball,track,and cross country. Never settle for less.

Work is what my dad does, he's a dairy farmer. 

Driving tractors, feeding cows works all day without any armor.

Work has proven self to me, It has gotten me this far, and it hasn't been easy.

All my dreams came true because I didn't think it would be breezy.

Work in school, work to pay for school, work to have a career.

It starts early in the morning and isn't done until your head hits the pillow, I fear.

Work the whole day through, day in day out, work is what it's all about.

This is what you need to know.

Work is the way to go.

I am work.

By: Simone A. Lichty

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This is a reflection of the people from the Tioga County Fair, Grandmas Kitchen, The PSU extension office and our family. Please be encouraged. YOU can do it.

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