work hard play hard

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 22:16 -- amii246

I would love to become a teacher in a kindergarten through sixth grade classroom. I love children and I know I can teach them the knowledge they need at a pace they are able to learn. And an intellectual kid always makes me happy! Children are the future of this world and I would be honored to teach them the ways of the future. I know I would be a great and awesome teacher! As a little girl I used to play"teacher" with my sisters and I loved teaching them what I learned because at the time they were not going to school. Through my educational years at school, unfortunately I was stuck with teachers who did not take their job seriously by taking the time to work with their students who had trouble on a subject. I want to be this so bad because I don't want the future kids of tomorrow to think that school sucks and teachers are mean. I want these children to live school and want to further their education.


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