Wordsmiths are my forbidden fruit

But then I look at others and wonder is this a trick 

Why are you so different?

Life is good despite being birthed a sinner

Cause y'all greats bringing great tunes and motivation

From Nas to Nehru I ain't mad at it


Rapping about cars, girls, and money

I ain't mad at that either

Instant gratification and emulation are becoming the way the world

And artists that embrace it may be all about those diamonds and pearls

Or maybe they're just clever and feel it's best to go with the flow

And the ones that fight against it are hoping the world will swirl

In a direction that speaks about life and its lessons

Not the material things and actions that may mask those messages


Pro Era,Odd Future, TDE, YMCMB, MMG 

My teachers always told me collaboration was key   

Joey Bada$$ and Capital Steez on "Survival Tactics"

What a breathe a fresh air, never look down on high school antics

Drake, Tgya, Nicki…

Good thing Lil Wayne and Baby were so picky

They got the racks

But TDE has Jay Rock, and that dude named K.Dot

Along with Ab-Soul and SchoolBoy Q and those "Collard Greens" that always hit the spot

Ricky Rozay got that Meek, that Stalley, and that Wale

Forget that scope he and French ain't worried bout nothin'

Not even an odd future

Regardless of how strange it may be 

The creator will make sure our Ocean is something to see 

You know with that rush of Burgundy the water reflects as the sunsets 


Unlike the sun there's something that will never disappear from view

It's that rhythm and blues 

Vandross, Jodeci, BoysIIMen, Aaliyah, Tweet

For the genre the 70s to 90s can't be beat

But artists like Miguel, Ro James, and The Weekend are far from defeat

Same goes for Janelle Monae, Emeli Sande, SZA, and the like

They surely bring the vocals when they step to the mic   

Their passion flows to listeners, Beats, Bose, Spotify, or even CD it is their choice

Just as the artists' words make them rejoice


As for me I'm a wordsmith of a different kind

Althogh I can rhyme I have music journalism on my mind

 XXL, The Source, Global Grind

That's what I'm working for

Can't wait to see what the industry has in store

Joey Bada$$ said, "Eye got sick of class, started making classics."

Well I'm going to get my degree and keep pushing content out to the masses   







your poem speaks with poise and wisdom.

the references are amazing and our generation and teh culture

that is generating needs this reminder. history and what is to come.


choosing to write a poem about this is amazing; it gives the space and the page to expand

on the truth about this story.


thank you for this. continue posting.



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