Words of the Young

Wed, 12/25/2013 - 03:38 -- xixi743


I was told to make my words count,

But to what amount?


With no hesitation,

But a moment of thought,

I opened my mouth,

To say what I ought.


Words of the wise,

Come from the experienced and old,

I am an amatuer,

But I can still be bold

And let my words ring true.


I can give you truth to hold.


This world is cruel and harsh,

Where there is light,

There is there is dark,

Kindness seems sparse.


Pick your friends carefully,

Trust them as they trust you.

If only you knew,

How much they could do.


Wisdom comes from experience,

But with experience comes mistakes,

Make lessons of your mistakes,

And move on,

Because life doesn't come with brakes.





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