Words Words Words Words



Why do I write? I have something to say

Words don’t come out of my mouth

They come out on the page.


Once an elder sage had explained it this way:

“saying nothing sometimes says the most”

I’m not a recluse, I’m not a ghost

But I see my thoughts better

When words are written down first.


Words Words Words Words

I get my daily dosage

That’s another reason for this addiction

I love the sound, stress, rhyme, rhythm  

Really of all diction


But why do I write?

It comes easy to me.

You just need a pen and paper.

A school for literacy

Of course there is that writer’s block

I just wanna give up, those days I wanna stop

But poetry has a natural feel to me

Why do I write?

I love creation

I love beauty

I love poetry




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