Words without Meaning

You don't know the harm you do to others.

You will live and die by hypocrisy

You believe everyone is seeking out your destruction


This paranoia will be your downfall.


You believe that society has casted you aside


Considering you have rejected everyone

Portraying them and me as villains.


You act as though the world is cruel to you and only you.



Coming from you, this claim is funny.

You are vicious towards everyone.

Don't believe me?




"You don't know anything."

"You have a closed heart, I guess"

"I can't deal with this right now." (in response to my emotional moments. Funny, especially when you consider how often you seek emotional support)

"You make my life hell sometimes."

"You're so hateful"

"You bring out the worst in me. I wish I could be the good person I was before I met you."


Congratulations, I have granted your wish.


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