Words of Wisdom to Their Daughter

Be a bird as you sing peaceful melodies

Love birds, understand them,learn their remedies

The white dove of holiness, purity, and innocence you must enstore.

Heads up, shoulders straight, be ready for war


Lord of Lords,King of Kings displays these  innocence

Their purity contributes to their omnipotence

This white robe must not become scarlet unless on a marriage bed

The disease of defilement will spread

We give you this purity ring to show our love  for your innocence

We hope the thought of purity will not be ambivalence


The song of birds, the butterflies over your head

The thoughts of the marriage bed

Become at the mental peace of the beloved one

These are my words until your time is done

Don't forsake this loving advice, cherish this and you will be respected

The gap between innocence and experience will not be connect


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My family
Our world
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