Words Whispers In The Wind


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Words Whispers In The Wind 
I hear your words whispers in the wind 
Far,far away you go again 
I pray see you 
I pray to Hold you 
I dream my dreams loving you 
Thoughts that seem to comfort me
every time I hear our song 
we use to sing to each other
My mind plays it over and over 
I remember when we use to dancing
so very close 
so afraid to let each other go 
Oh how this life had gone so cold 
does love mean what it seems to be
If so why am I alone
with no love of my own 
A tragedy had made it's way 
A nasty storm has been brewing 
for some time
my heart is torn 
cut very deep I feel I cannot breath
Release me from this awful pain 
my soul feels so lots 
From my body 
from my beautiful skin
this hurt that keeps digging in
It hurt so bad
my blood looks like paint mix 
I didn't let go of the Love I know
This old love will be what it seems 
A painting of you and me at sea 
Lost in it's dreams 
But then your words still come to me in 
the wind like a whisper touching me
Feeling love although unseen 
Your words do sing to me in 
September dreams .
Lilly Emery 
Loss Love


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