Words from the Unexpected

If I could, I'd walk up to him

Say how sorry I am for everything I'd done

But I know what he'd do

Who am I to ask him for forgiveness?

I can't take back the wrongs I'd done

I wish I could

I wish all the mistakes I did to the people I hurt

Never happened.

I wish that I'd noticed the person I was becoming

I wish that I'd had the courage to be someone else, to be better than I was

I wish I wasn't the one they called a bully.

I cry when I look back on the things that I had done.

What's even worse - I don't remember why I did it.


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It was interesting. I don't usually look through the eyes of the bully, since I was often the one being bullied. So it was interesting for me to hear/read your voice. It was very touching. Personal advice to you would be to still apologize. They might not accept it but at least you can find peace in your own heart. Also it had me thinking about all the things I've done, concious or unconcious of the fact that I hurt someone the same way I was hurt. So thank you.


I'm sorry that happened to you. Given my unappealing past, I'm glad I can provide some insight. And thank you for yours as well - I actually am considering to talk to  them.

E Newton1

I like the poem not many of them with insight of a bully usally its the victim and i never thought that a bully could fell that way thank you for the insight.

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