Words Sewn on My Tongue

Unknown battles, dancing little silouttes, shadows blanketing my mind, bringing my past to the light,

Of which my future is shattered in broken mirrors as I held my breath to fight.

Pictures, books, lies, and oceans drown myself into a crystal ball,

Dancing into the night, I can feel the moon smiling through my pain and all.


No father, abandoned with strangers, as mother worked into the night,

My only friend were the ones invisble by the eyes, but not by the hidden moonlight.

Mother held me closer than the armor I wore,

But she wasn't close enough to remove the stitches helding me to the floor.


Anger was the fire extinguishing my inside the lava about to erupt,

My mind always open, eyes always alert, but my mouth always sewn shut.

Pain was the sadenned thunderstorm screaming in my head,

As I grew up, bruises, scars, and tears made it hard going to bed.


More thoughts collided with my mind,

Searching for the right words and the right time.

Clouds, screams, broken glass, and burned photos,

Were all once my friends, now ashed into black snow.


Black door, red bridge, dark blue seas, white walls, and a cieling of stars,

My own home was destroyed, as the abuse began growing, and stitches being added to my heart.

Painful memories broke me down,

I was a robot, and I felt used, abused, being collided with water and I'll drown.


Sparks ignite my mind, knives stab my eyes as I am blinded by its chilvary,

Poor and reckless, mother got money from jewelry.

Smoke poisoned my lungs,

As my Aunt's words always stung.


Tiny and frail, I wanted to die,

I tried suiced 3 times, cutting began, and I tried getting high.

Emotions ran in my blood;

Crying, anger, sadness: all too strong for me, I was caught in a flood.


Hail crushed my bones,

Bullies gave me ugly looks, as they thought I were stone.

Childhood, even today, I have words sewn on my tongue,

I found the truth of life, even when everyone, including myself, was wrong.

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