Words Punctuate the Silence

I can hear the unspoken sounds of words

To the quiet whisper of

Gaily, shuffled, and intimate

To the distant rumble of

Revoked, sanctify, and rebellion

Each word is humming a lullaby

And somehow I manage to listen to it

As it ebbs and flows

Similar to how the ocean

Plans on nibbling

On flip-flop toes

Of tourists and couples


I hear words as random notes

Of that song you just can’t remember completely

It leaves you wondering why

You can’t hum anything

But those two lines of the chorus

And the catchy beat that just won’t leave you alone

The commercial jingle

Imploring you buy their product

Before it’s too late

Before it’s gone


I hear words as a jigsaw puzzle

And I’ve managed to connect a few

Leftover, bent pieces

The product of frustration

And trying to fit things were they clearly don’t fit

But the middle comes easily to me

The image becoming clearer and clearer

The more I spend fiddling with it

The more I find

The beauty in the individual pieces

Forming the whole

Words create the image

I am simply a conduit

Of the beauty that

Resides within them


My poetry is the magician old trick

That she uses to distract the audience

With the impossible nature

Of her sleight of hand magic

I can pull it out at a whim

Familiar with the motions

It comes easily to me

And it is the audience’s reaction

That makes it all worth it


My poetry is the voice to the many thoughts

That linger

In my mind’s eye

Forming the connections that I needed help to fulfill

 Like seeing shapes in the constellations

My poetry became my revelation

My North Star that guided me

Away from societal hypocrisy


My poetry is a song

And I hope you hear the melody

Because I’ve been hearing it

All my life

Strong, True, and Steadily

And I cannot simply ignore

The angelic chorus

Within me

Singing a predestined encore












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