Words Hurt

People don’t understand that words can be strong and once they are said, they can’t be taken

back despite how many apologies are made. 

How is someone supposed to stand in front of a mirror and find values they love about themselves

when all they can hear are the terrible words people have said to them echoing through their head.

How come people’s self worth is now measured in “likes” or “comments”, and how they say the 

mean remarks don’t bother them when in reality they are eating at them and suddenly they can’t 

take it anymore. 

How many people do you think go home to a broken family and have got pushed over the edge 

because of something someone said and the next day they are found hanging from their ceiling

with a note under their feet signed “Love”.

How someone doesn’t believe they are beautiful because they are so used to being stripped of

that wondrous word. How they get called a freak week after week, being too afraid to even

speak because of the constant backlash thrown at them.

How people go home and drown themselves with pills and alcohol because of the words that

came spilling out of someone’s mouth because people don’t understand that sometimes words

hurt more than any physical pain.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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