Words, Glorious Words


Possibly one of the most 

Important things invented 

By humankind,

Yet so looked over.


Their beauty 

Is so often shaded by 

A world of screens and emoticons,

Their length hacked to

Three, maybe four



Yet they still

Give purpose, give air, give life 

To so many people.

If words did not exist,

A part of our inside would not exist.

A whole world, or two, or fifteen

Would not exist. 


There would be no

Escape from this physical world.

We would be stuck 

In the monochromatic cubicles of the mind,

In the confusing logistics of unloved jobs,

In the too small salaries that barely feed us,

In the scrappy homes that barely stand 

In the forceful winds.


But some of us have stumbled 

Across these words.

We have tripped and fallen,

Sometimes purposely,

Into the minds of someone

Who thinks like us,

Or maybe someone who thinks 

The total opposite of us.

But we have struggled so much to

Find something worth stopping for,

And so we stop and peek anyway.


These words captivate us.

They catch us by surprise,

They push us over with 

So much force that 

We lay there just to contemplate

What just happened.


These words care for us.

They are there to give us the comfort

That a human being just simply can’t.


We know that when we go to sleep

Those gray and dreary nights,

That the words will tell us stories,

Will sing us lullabies,

Will whisper the sweet nothings in our ears

That we so desperately crave from a person

Until we slowly release ourselves

Into their world. 

Into their syllables.

Into their letters.

Into the fibers of their very beings.


And we sleep peacefully.


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