Words Can Dance

Can you feel it? The rhythm inside –
My brainwaves take me for a ride.
It pulses through my thoughts and makes
Them twist until the thinking aches.

I wonder if the world can hear
The beat within my inner ear.
It cannot make me jump and shout
But always makes my words stand out.

It comes as I begin to write,
A siren call I cannot fight.
Through my pen and onto the page,
Which suddenly becomes a stage.

It tells my words to leap and twirl:
The rhythm puts them in a whirl.
They partner up, rhyme-to-rhyme,
And skip and sway and prance in time.

Interpreting their graceful dance
Is not a task I leave to chance.
I love to feel them flowing through
My mind – they make my feelings true.

I must confess I cannot swing,
Or waltz or tap or even sing.
But I don’t feel upset and small
Because my words can do it all.



A short piece on poetic impulses.

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