The Words Bleed Out


Ahhh ! I cant sleep. my eyes pry open, my mouth screams leave me be, ive been done wrong, done wrong and it's hard to be me. every thought is ruined by one person, that one person that told me i could never be successful in life. that one person that took the dreams i had and through them into the pits of hell. i bet theyre doing swell. i promised myself i would never fail. i have to keep holding on. my whole life started when my daddy went to jail, his life changed because he was locked up in a sell. my mom was forced to lie to us for multiple years, i only found out the truth because i faced my fears, and that one day came where i said "momma where's daddy" and all she could do was hold me. thats when i realized my life was changed forever. at this moment i felt like only God could make it better. i was forced to grow up faster, no fun, no laughter, there was no happily ever after. home was being taken away from us, i felt like i had lost everything and thats when my hand grew strong and my pencil grew stronger. i had the pen and the paper, the words that bled out on my paper were God's savior. the words kept me safe, the feelings kept me sane. i never had anyone else to feel my pain. just me and the family, just me and this insanity. all i could to is write " i have the victory" i knew our struggle would soon come to pass, and i know God's words is true when he says "no it wont last"

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