Words are Weapons


United States
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It's agony to let the world see you so exposed; rotting from the inside out; hollow; decomposed.To you I must seem crazy, with all understanding outta sight; you think the scars along my arms were simply done in spite.Crimson is the color that deep within I bleed; I wish I knew another way in which I could be freed.Lost beyond the darkness, God, it's so frigid in my soul; I can't recall a simpler time, I had ever felt so whole.You think that I don't notice, how you stare as I walk by; I don't really give a shit what your judging looks, imply.You claim that you're an artist, but see, I'm an artist, with a twist; My paint brush is a razor and the canvas is my wrist.Piercing through my conscience, are all the words I've never said; Dangling from my shattered heart, are the many lives in which I've led.You say I have no courage; that I wish to die to end the pain; But, I will not be another statistic, whose life is lost in vain.I may not have a voice now; and yeah, I lack all self esteem; and though it is so deafening; Its bright red in which, I scream.So the next time that you see someone, whose lost; But, in your sight; Before you pass a hateful look, acknowledge first, their fight.We all live life differently; who am I to judge the way you sin; Some people hide their story; others tattoo it upon their skin.You may never agree, or more importantly, comprehend; that you need to look much deeper, before you let your hurtful words condemn.We only get one chance at this; yeah, we only get one life. If this has taught you anything, I hope it's that words will cut you deeper than a knife.               

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Our world


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