Words are My Favorite

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 19:14 -- asw525

Words are my favorite

They flutter on the pages

Of crisp papers

Handcrafted letters

And dusty books


Dancing upon a tree’s corpse

They appear so miniscule

But they disbelieve the rumors

That books are outdated

And words tell lies


But words are much more

Much more than pen meets paper

They are so very loud

They break and they mend

They embark and they dissolve


Words run through the air

Escaping the pit of your stomach

Escaping the havoc of your heart

Escaping the chaos of your mind

They escape to embark


Words travel many places

To a friend, to a foe

They say many things

In many forms

They are all and know all


A Spanish man can use them

As can an American girl

A blind boy can speak them

As can a deaf girl sign them

Everyone can use words


How they are used is different

They can tell tall tales

Loud lies

Ugly truths

And raging heartaches


They are thoughts put into action

They are verbal, mental and physical

They are more than markings

They are more than dialogue

They are more than thoughts


I love words because of this

Words encompass every arch

Words know every part of your soul

Words are a part of you and me

Words are my favorite




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