Words and Phrases


Stop! Do not look away.

I saw the way

You were leering at me.

I saw your mind working.

I saw the gears grinding.

I saw words and phrases 

Flashing like lights on a screen.

These words and phrases were moving;

Moving faster than

Machine gun bullets.

These words and phrases were more toxic;

More toxic than arsenic.

I saw words and phrases like

"Pretty", "Sexy", "Tease"


"Could I get THAT in my bed?"

The words and phrases I see

Are sick and twisted. 


There are words and phrases

I don't see.

Words and Phrases like

"Strong", "Poised", "Bright"


"Could I be confident like her?"

Right now I want you to think and listen.

Think and listen with your mind, 

Not your genitalia.

My eyes are not just for tempting. 

They are for seeing and reading.

My body is not just for savoring.

It is for working and building.

My mouth is not just for kissing.

It is for making my voice be heard, 

So my mind can be heard, 

Because MY mind has some

Words and phrases.

Words and phraseslike

"My name is Lydia,

And I have seen many things."

"My name is Lydia, 

And I have learned many things."

My name is Lydia, 

And I want to change the world, 

One word and phrase at a time.



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