Fri, 10/26/2018 - 15:42 -- asvensk

I have no words now.
My tongue confused by fates bemused in cutting away my apathy.
Their words serrate arms;
The men, The women;
The hurting, The broken;
Lash about at shadows,
Filled with monsters who are not there, and never were...
There are no monsters, just others
Who strike out here in this mirror-brokered oubliette.
And their smiles are hidden by the night,
And their laughs are muffled by masochistic speakers,
Because to them, we are not here.
The tall ones will continue to rave and swear,
But none of their pain is mine to bear,
No sadness to pervert my joy,
No hatred to dilute my laughter,
For in this moment I Have No...


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