With Words

I remember being younger

When the sun shown just a bit darker

And things seemed tilted off a normal plane.


I have never been one for writing

I always blamed on the timing

Though I was influenced by the sounds around me.


I didn’t grow up listening to much of anything,

My family played classical in the house,

Occasionally I heard some pop tune play.


But I remember that year,

When I discovered there was more than just Mozart and Bach,

And I fell in love with the words.


I fell in love with meaning,

With seeing, and hearing,

And the ink blots between the lines.


A couple years down the road,

Here I am, half way though my own story

Hoping to publish sometime soon.


The sun is shining just a little bit brighter.

The world less tilted than before.

But now there are more words than ever before.


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