Words don’t come easy until you’re lying in bed

And thinking about the boy you brushed hands with today

And you cashier who smiled at you when she handed you your change

And the dog you met on your walk home

And the only other person on the subway later that night

Who was glad to pass his guitar between the two of you

Your tongue cannot form the words to express the love you feel

So it bursts from your fingers instead

Painting words across a computer screen and documenting each new person you meet


Words don’t come easy unless accompanied by the clacking of keys

And a gnawing feeling in your stomach that refuses to go away

Until the thoughts that speed through your head are captured and written down

You hit the backspace to the tune of whatever song blasts into your ears from your headphones

And your mind moves to quickly for punctuation so your fingers follow suit

And if the poem comes out a little disjointed maybe you meant for it to be that way


Words don’t come easy but you will always have the clacking of keys

And the beat of the backspace to articulate

All of the words you cannot say

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