You had thought your words were fun  You had thought it was a game  But you didn't see the wave of disaster your words became  When the words once said were manifested into a knife  And the knife it cut  It cut deep  Deep into the skin  And the skin it bled  Oh it bled  It bled trickles of blood  That pooled up at my feet  But I could never say a word because I was so weak  And because of the looming fear held over my head like a weight  Fear of the judgement  Fear of the whispers  Fear of even more venomous words manifesting themselves  Into deeper and darker realities  I was scared  Scared that one day these manifestations would grow too cumbersome  That they would overcome my life  And the words that wounded   The words that seeped into my soul  The words that created the knife that caused the scars  That they would become me  These words that preached falsities would inevitably become me  Adding more and more pain with each and every syllable   These spoken words soon became like drills in my ears   Matches that set my soul on fire  The shovel that buried me six feet under  Words.   One never may know the extremity of their thoughts   Thoughts that manifest into words  Words that manifest into actions  Actions that initiate devastating destruction  Words.   One must be careful  Choosing words wisely  To express their thoughts  Words.  The expression of our sentiments  The most powerful weapon pertain-able to the human race  Words.  Use with care  Words.   

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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