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When the world turns to fire and all seems to end, what will be left over?

When our champions fail and our armies falter, who will conquer for us?

When our leaders are broken and our friends are forgotten, who will stand triumphant?

When our cities fall and homes are destroyed, who will hold their ground?

When our familes are scattered and our courage is fading, who will then protect us?

When our victors are captured and our martyrs have sacrificed, who will be our release?

When the fight seems eternal and the price too large to pay, who will meet our enemy?


So many questions are asked during combat, but now, what is the answer?

What can fill our lifetimes?

What can fight our battles?

Who can be our heroes? 

Who can win our wars?

What will stand for freedom? 

What will be our escape?


All can be resolved, with one firm solution. 

When everything is ash, and all life seems forsaken, 

there is one last weapon remaining:



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nice poem

thanks 4 sharing

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