Words have so much power.
The power to heal,
To inspire, 
To attract,
To amuse,
To teach, 
To excite,
To change a life for the better.
But they also have the power to hurt,
To embarrass,
To scare,
To damage,
To weaken,
To abuse,
To change a life for the worse,
Or even end it...
How can people allow their words
To rip into someone's chest
And break their heart and tear them down,
When they could just as well be using their words
To fix a heart,
Or to build someone up?
How can 26 simple letters
Arrange into such conflicting sentences?
"I hate you" can turn into
"I love you"
Just by changing 3 letters.
So why, when you feel like expressing hate,
Don't you change 3 little letters
And express love instead? 
Use the power of your words
For good, not evil.
Fight off the devil on your shoulder 
And use your words
To heal,
And lift people up.


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