There's a word for the way sunlight streams through leaves

There's a word for the feeling you get when you remember what to say

after someone walks away

There's a word for sentimental longing of the past

It's called nostalgia.

There's a word for people who don't say "thank you" when you open the door for them

It's called jackass.

There should be a word for the way you look at me and I suddenly can't control my mouth.

Actually, I think it's just called

I'm a teenage girl and the cute guy in my math class is talking to me.

There should be a word for how contagious that smile is.

dentinitus amorulosis

There is a name for every type of tooth in your mouth

incisor, molar, cuspid, 

but not for all of them aligned in an arc that shoots knots into my stomach

There is a word for the stars and colors you see behind closed eyelids


and for the way people's eyes form wrinkles when they smile,

crow's feet

but not for the stars you see the moment your eyes fall shut when you fall asleep

but not for the way your wrinkles map out the experiences you've seen

every line on you is part of a poem

I like the taste of them in my mouth

every freckle that the sun has branded on you is a star

I'd like to study the constellations they form

Physics says I'm universally attracted to you.

Biology says we're anatomically built for each other.

Chemistry says yes, it exists between us.

Geology says you rock.

Psychology says there's a reason I think of you so often.

There's a word for when you have too many emotions to make sense of 

and the only way to understand them is through metaphors and analogies.

It's called poetry.

Poetry says we're all human

and there's always words for the things we feel.


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