Why do these words never stop?

I sit quietly letting my mind wonder

what are they thinking?

Are they talking about me?

The words swarm my mind!

Stop! Stop!

I can not....

a blade appears

my skin so easily breakable

the blade comes closer to my wrist

my eyes fill with tears

is this the only way out?

to stop the words that hurt so much

i have to hurt myself to make the other pain go away?

The blade is rested upon my skin

i can feel its cold and rough touch

its seems so real yet so...

Please! Please!

let me free of these forsaken thoughts

I do not want to harm

I just want the pain of their words to go away

To be no more a burdence

blood runs down my arm

the blade has killed its first victom

the pain of the words going away

all thats left is a shell

a shell that has harmed itself

because the words were too much

because they were always talking about her

is this hell?

no, sadly it is life

hell would be more pleasant



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