An excuse of good looks don’t get you anywhere

Soft blue eyes and long blonde hair

In their eyes are all bad habits

Softly whispering their involuntary antics

You don’t love me and you never will

What’s it worth? All for thrill?

Your pleasure versus my disaster

We’ll never end happily ever after

So tell me lust, what do you see?

All of what you want me to be

All of what’s inside your head

Those empty thoughts will all be dead

Pain will not stand on attention alone

Or that soft innocent tone

Pain won’t give into this ever again

It all comes out in the ball of this pen

Writing libretto doesn’t heal a lonely heart

In fact, it actually tears it apart

So tell me this lust, will you be true?

Let's turn this page and make it brand new


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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