Word or Sword

Sun, 05/29/2016 - 21:13 -- apoemgc

When all was lost and friends strode by

Refusing to look me in the eye,

I found a companion, a lifelong friend

In something as simple as paper and pen.


They bullied me and made me sad

But my eternal friend erased all that,

With two simple strokes all pain was gone

I took a deep breath and decided to move on.


Poetry keeps me from going insane,

In a world filled with people

Docked in accessories toe to brain,

Believing they are better-off

Not even bothering to learn my name.


With words drawn out like a sword,

I’ll prove to them who has more worth;

An eternal book that touches hearts

Is much more priceless than one plush scarf.

With poetry I can be free

Their chains, sharp words mean nothing

To me.



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