Word of me


To many things to say,
About everything everyday,
The day i been through,
I think i should pay it to you,
This is only thing can give,
Wrap out your gift,
And hear what i gonna to speak,
Have a seat, hear the beat
The time my heart bleed, through it,
I mean it, this is dream keep it,
Lit-up, while the time i bout to erupt,
I be flub, my mind corrupt,
The firebrand never let me stand,
But i still can, make the offence,
With my clan, i build this den,
To make the world stronger,
Like a fire empire full of monster,
I will conquer the world like a master,
But still i need to train, be fast like a train,
To gain the step on the terrain of the spain,
I feel shame to claim the fame,
Cuz the pain if lossin' the game,
Never be the same like been flame.
now i see the crowd,
I take a bow,
My head going to the cloud,
While step on the stage,
Tryin' to keep on the phrases,
With the beat on the bass,
And my mind goes blind,
Lossin' the ryhme make a me a crime,
Dullin' the shine on the dime,
Be mockery, mentally jail,
My face seen painfully, deadly frail,
I still try to keep on a fight that might,
Bring the light to bright -up the night of the dark night,
I took the mic, think like a snipe,
Smite you like a snake bite,
Melt the frost with the broth,
That comming from my mouth,
Been travellin' to from north to south,
That is my life,
Rhymin' keepin' me alive,
My dream about my destiny,
About i what i wanna be,
Maybe i the wannabe,
But i wanna be what i wanna be,
You gonna be see,
I gonna be what i wanna be,
Even walkin' with the bare feet,
Nothin' is to big to stop me,
From reachin' my destiny,
So you all can have a taste of a piece of me,
This is the moment,
Try to resist from bein' the exponent,
Every componet in my life,
Every movement take me to a dive,
I'm afraid to stay alive,
This is what i been contrived,
Wanna be faster than the fast five,
Like a wordblaster can blast your life,
I will try to survive, i cant lie,
They will keep on usin' the knife, till the world die,
Now i cant find the door,
But to Him only i'm adore,
This word came from the core,
Dont' worry there's way more,
From where it come from, so be prepare your eardrum,
I'm bettin' without a trump, Even fallin' i will flump,
The road full of hump, Try to jump over the bump,
All those scum i keep in the dump,
Now i numb i need an air pump,
So i can breath a gain,
Before startin' to feel a piece of pain,
This is the remain of the main,
Try to keep it real,
Cant deny how it feel,
Lets have a dealt,
I bets you cant stand still,
Drop everytime, your eyes drop is mine,
Mine is dry, your mind is gonna die,
After be stab back, that the fact,
The hypocrite think i illiterate,
Cant read their tweet,
I'm begoted my word is deliberate,
Dont turn a round,
I will mount, the highest paramount,
When i look down, i cant see my darkest ground
Its already reach the end of speech,
Time to lay on beach with peace,
I will come back again, To bring my name, 
to win game, 
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