The "A" Word


The “A” Word


Now lately Daddy's been counting days

 Mommy’s wishing she could count sheep

She's saying "let's reconsider", he's saying he's not going to keep

Not caring if she weeps, this is the part where it gets deep

Daddy says "if you really loved me you would understand why"

Repeating this “A” word and every time, she’d cry


They don’t know I can hear them, I’m listening to every word

Daddy’ shouting that he still doesn’t know how this situation occurred

I wonder what situation? What is going on?

They’re both saying everything will be fine when “it” is gone

What is “it”? Hope they aren’t talking about me

I know I’ll be coming out, but I don’t know when that day will be


Today is strange; mommy’s lying down in the middle of the day

I thought it was time to sleep, until I heard “everything will be okay”

“Are you ready to get the baby out?” that’s when I was confused

I was still too little, but I didn’t hear my mommy refuse

It’s not nine months already, I know that for sure

I guess I’m one of those babies called “pre-mature”


So I guess today’s my lucky day, I’ll get to see mom and dad

I hear more voices from doctors and nurses, they’ll be ready in a tad

After a couple of minutes, I start to feel some pain

I wonder if mommy can feel it too because this feelings insane

It’s only getting worse, but I’m still in the womb

I just hope this pain is over soon


I start to feel woozy and dizzy, I could sleep

Maybe I will after a get a little peek

But now I see a light, I can feel myself being dragged out

I’m getting weaker; I know that without a doubt

Everything goes black, I fall asleep


I’m awake with no more pain, but feeling light

I look around and see neither of my parents in sight

Everything around me is floating, a lot of babies as well

It seems like I’m in a luxurious hotel

I ask the other babies around where we are

I’m still confused, my thoughts are all distorted

That’s when one of the babies mention the word “aborted”

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I'm blown away. Your writing is amzing, and I love the story, but I hate the story. I wish more people understood like you do. I wish more people got that a baby's alive too.



This poem is amazing. The wording, concept, and point of view blew me away. Great job!!!!


Wow. Im blown away. This is powerful.


Wow. Im blown away. This is powerful.


This is deep



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