The Wonderful Memories Of You

The wonderful memories of you are still on my mind.
And I would rather not forget the good times.
I remember the stroll with you along the quiet avenue,
The warm night you kissed me in the moonlight,
And the way you clasped my hand when we sat on the bench.
I think about the picnic in the park on a windy afternoon,
Our first ride on the merry-go-round together,
And the evening we shared an umbrella in the downpour.
I recall the hours we spent on campus after school,
How fast you ran when I chased after you,
The laughter that echoed down the hallway,
And the tears of passion that fell on the basketball court.

I became breathless when you danced in my arms.
You grasped me with a tight embrace,
And I could feel the pulse of your heart.
You filled my world with your cheerful love.
I welcomed the pleasure of loving you.
Love meant so little to me until you came along.
You were an adolescent with a perfervid love.
Even though you had just reached the age of consent,
A love without deceit grew in your heart.
I woke up with you to the chirps of the morning,
The nightingales sang sweetly outside the window.
How the wonderful memories of you enchant me!

I felt the power of your seduction when our lips met.
The light of love glowed in your brown eyes.
You buried me so deep in your protective love;
No other girl could tempt me with her charm.
And nobody else could share our intimacy.
Your riant face had the apparentness of love,
But all of a sudden your love lost its fire.
You did not give me enough time to love you.
My happiness disappeared like a dream.
I know that memories can never replace you,
But the wonderful memories of you persist.
And I shall love you as long as I can still remember you.


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