This Wonderful Life

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 19:22 -- jessc

Existing and living simply aren't the same, Existing is breathing, with no luck or fame. 

Living on the other hand is a game, Which all people cannot play because they feel too much shame.
Living means carpe diem; seize the day. Do what your heart desires, find love inside of you to portray.
Fill your day with happiness, make sure you have fun, Whether that means traveling the world, or simply going for a run!
When you do as you please, it is simple to live, Knowing that you helped another is such a wonderful gift to give. 
Forgiving others is necessary to move on, Because before you know it, your life can be gone.
Go on an adventure, find something new, Look back at life & reminisce how much you grew. 
Value those who are important to you, and do not live life in the blue, Do not live with regret, good memories aren't to forget.
Life can be gone in the blink of an eye, so stop for a moment & look up at the beautiful sky.
Do all the things you wish to do before you die, don't live your life just trying to get by.
Bring happiness to yourself and others around you, making a change in the world is a great thing to do! 
Be exactly who you wish to be, and dream the dream you wish to see. Life is a blessing, whose sweetness is to taste, don't you dare let this wonderful life go to waste.


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