Wonder Woman

You know what? You are absolutely right.

I'm not the skinniest, thickest, apart of the group of five stars, dimes, and bad bitches

I am a real woman

I've no need to cover up and diguise who I am inside just to please others

Because they themselves don't even know who they are

Women think that they have to lose their dignity and sexualize themselves to become the woman everyone wants and has had

But not the woman they really need to be

Instead of being that one in a million kinda girl, be that once in a lifetime kinda woman

The one that's hard to wife, hard to keep, and easy to lose

It's always the good ones who've been walked on

Abused and used

Yet stil remain standing head strong even though they are constantly overlooked

And left in the shadows

That's the kinda woman I am

I'm the one that's hard to get, can see through the bullshit, and love the best

I've got the love that's the best you'll ever get

That pure love only a real woman could dish out and make you never forget


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