What is the noise that silence makes?
How can you give less than you take?
What made you the way you are?
Will you still be there if I stray afar?

Can your dreams fly through the clouds?
And if they can, do you know how?
The stars said they would watch over you,
I guess, in that sense, my wish came true.

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing,
like how your actions result from you feeling.
How deep are the oceans, how wide is the sky?
What exactly in life makes us cry?

Are there any other galaxies out there in space?
Why don’t lost things stay in their place?
Do legends die and stories end?
Most people aren’t broken; they just bend.

Will I ever not think, will it ever stop?
They say Heaven is highest, but what is on top?
Can a child really be compared with the Queen?
And can, or will, emotions, ever be seen?

Can we survive without water, or salad without toss?
What is the feeling called when we experience loss?
As far as the stars, and dolphins in the sea,
I will always love you if you just love me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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