when i was a child life was full of smiles full of

discovery dancing dreams

but as i grew older life became colder it held

doubt darkness defeat

and as cynicism spread it quickly became a thread that spun

until i lost sight of me

“this world is too bold too rash too unknown

i must hide from possibility”

so i built myself protection from the uncertainty of affection

a shield and behind it i kept


then one day i woke and found a sliver of hope had crept

through the cracks of my metal

and as the time passed i found that at last

in place of my armor were petals

a soft, subtle bloom a gentle, joyful tune

and my vision finally shifted

to a world so vast, so unfamiliar, so fast

but the fear from my countenance had lifted


i saw life through a new lense and nothing made sense

but that is the beauty of it all

i have the ability to wonder, to think, to discover

to love, to fight, to stand tall


i have a voice and now i thunder never lose your sense of wonder

if you fail, stand up once more

be brave and take a chance in the name of god, justice, romance

for life is the greatest joy worth fighting for



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