Thu, 01/09/2014 - 17:43 -- jmv155

I cannot bear the History

The Submission, The Imprisonment

Intelligence wasted behind the fearful pomp

Confined in lowly places that don't suit us


Women, much stronger than believed

Yet treated as thoughtless property

Bringers of Life

Yet treated like that's all they're good for


I Warn You

Tell your Daughters, Sisters

Be Strong cause in this world

You need to prove it everyday


Tell them

Do not Submit

Be your Own Person

Show them your Strength


But alway be a Woman

Remember we are Strong

We always were

We do not have to Change

              They Do



I'm just one of this women that hate inequality between the sexes. I believe that women shoud've had equal rights hundreds of years ago and that they still don't means were still in the dark ages. If we want to move towards the future we have to stop believing that one group of people is better than another. We are all homo sapiens and our world will never be unified unless we accept that.

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