A Woman's Worth

Is it a baker? Is it a maid? Is it a sewing machine? Is it a toy? NO! It’s a WOMAN!

She’s beautiful, smart, and strong. But that’s not what we see on TV, and that isn’t what society portrays her to be.

To them, she is sensitive, nurturing, and submissive. But that’s not what I see.

They are petite, blonde haired, “yes babe” saying, “toys” portraying the female species as a whole. BUT WHOA!

Who said that’s what we, as women, want others to see? Do we have a say? Who as the polls and the 10 question survey? Society? Oh, they don’t care any way. We tell them our problems and they say sorry, please hold or come back another day. But why does it have to be this way?

Take your last name? Why so I don’t have an identity? So I can be introduced as “his wife’? And be his trophy, or his prize? Man y’all killing me.

Am I your possession? No. I am me! Not you, your friends, or society can justify me. You think I will take your stuff? You yell and curse my name? NO! Because I am tough. A beautiful face, and a strong soul, and soon you and the whole world will know.

 We should have a voice, we should scream! We WILL be the future engineers, mechanics, CEOS and everything you and society tell us not to be? Why because, I want to. This is American right, land of the free? Or are you just saying that because it sounds good, and you’re trying seduce me with your words? Man please!



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