womanhood is a thief

What is Womanhood? Can it be taught to you or does it have to be a learning experience? Why do they think that I want to be a woman? I could spend my life through despair and adversity. Many people do. I thought I would be happy here, running through life with my sisters, until celebration and dancing appears. But do I really want that too?

Is the color of my skin the thing that makes me unhappy or the fact that I will grow up to do so much but receive so little respect?

If I had to be honest, I really am tired of being black.

It’s disgusting and disrespectful, but it’s the truth. I’m tired of the caution I always have to feel when I’m around other races. Don’t be too black! They’ll judge you! I don’t want to be judge.

ya Who is Auset? Who am I? Auset is the girl who really didn’t want to be a warrior, and still doesn’t. She had always thought that war was for the people who did not know any better. She did not like the way wars made loved ones disappear into tiny specks of dust. But that’s what happened to her. Present- day Auset got her soul burnt. She was once happy, but content. Now she’s all over the place, and sad. The war (still going on today) has ruined her. She was tired of fighting for people that didn’t even realize what was going on. People don’t even know there is a war going on. My people need to know. She was tired. I’m tired! She was hungry for the war to be over with. But there was no hope of this war ever going away.

Auset had always identified herself as a black goddess. But even goddesses have their downfalls. She lost that closeness with the goddess in her and it became an empty pit in her body. It’s the war i’m telling you! She lost everything. People wanted her to grow up and act like an adult, but not act like an adult. What do they want from me! She spiraled into unknownness. And now we are looking for her new identity.



I am Mother Earth. I am a Warrior. I am an African Goddess. I am Auset.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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