The Woman Who

“The Woman Who”

The woman who fights a millions monsters with nothing but a broom

and never once has she given up a single battle

who has eyes that say “she is sad”

who is a ticking bomb of emotions

whose dreams feel lost into a pit of blackness

is crying behind the closed door

who wanted to be a teacher

who was a math major

whose accomplishments were left behind on the border

she thought of her new life and unborn children

as she risked her life crossing over

who hardly speaks of her past

is praising her children’s futures

is fearful of becoming feeble

is still as dainty as a blooming flower

never once has she repented leaving her life that burned incandescently behind her

is always saying “I am happy here” in Spanish

who left her family in another country

is stilling finding ways to support her family financially

who fears being left behind

is going to see the gratitude of her children comfort her

for she deserves to be soothed with safety and care

“who is she?”,

she is my mother


This poem is about: 
My family
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