Woman of Lust.

Behold the olden creek
where my loneliness consumes me.
The trees grow with my sorrow,
and the river runs through me.
Until im bruising,
weak and broken,
hands wrapped around the pack of cigarettes that im always smoking.
There is no happiness,
No aggression.
No more laughs
No affection
No more paths
in your direction
No more expression.
I dont want to feel anymore,
its too expensive,
no emotional vacancy,
close and lock all my fences.
I'd rather remain pensive,
All alone.
Still hating the reflection,
I can only call my own
Close my eyes, drive it home.
Take me by suprise,
take me by the throat.
Pains me from the skin,
to the marrow of my bones
To leave you all alone,
and try to find my broken soul.
Warm summer breeze,
winter's bitter cold,
I smell you on my sleeves,
you wont leave me alone.
its been years since ive seen,
the expressions that you own.
Its no longer your kingdom,
but you still sit in the thrown.
Crown the queen, crown the queen,
vision's blurry,
mouth still screams,
i guess im only here to please you,
im the host and you're the leech.
You can pierce through my callused heart
you can make me bleed,
Its only when you've lost it all
that you can finally be free.
Lead the way, help me see,
Clear the smoke, let me breath
show me hurt, help me feel,
Or Will you bite the hand that feeds.
The sharp pain is harsh
when this depression settles in,
pedals plucked,
im out of luck,
but ive already pulled the pinn.
War is far from started,
callused heart is hardened,
nothing to complain about,
take it on the chin.
Bohold the pale horse,
feel the seven winds,
sever all the cleverness,
that paints ignorance bliss.
Bone of my bone,
flesh of my flesh.
You left me all alone
but i still wish you the best,
Ill balance on your needles,
you can stand upon my head,
You can keep my lungs,
you already have my breath.
Your affection was so intangible,
untouchable , and manic,
standing stangnent,
frantic actress,
Stagger just to manage balance.
My heart and my hands are callused,
Not falling into your malice.
You were once a queen
inside of the walls of my palace.
I was your umbrella in the rain
But i would never let you see my strain.
I would never let you feel my pain.
You were the morphine inside my veins.


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