As A Woman


United States
31° 34' 35.8968" N, 84° 11' 46.5216" W

Speaking, Acting, Learning,
On misogyny and bigotry,
Stepping up and sharing stories,
Personal experiences and opinions,
Everyone is not equal,
We're still in a place of hate.

Lies, Misbeliefs, Opinions,
"But we're all equal!"
Such a lie,
Still dealing with stereotypes,
Still getting paid less,
As a woman, as a person,
I cannot lie to myself.

Atheist, Bisexual, Liberal,
As a feminist, as a woman,
My rights are just as important,
As the Christian straight white males,
But who will stand up for me,
If I don't do it myself?

Gays, minorities, women,
Those of different religions,
Still dealing with discrimination,
Getting paid less,
Dealing with suspicion,
No straight white male would deal with,
How are we equal?

My life, My beliefs, My body,
I cannot let myself lie,
This is who I am,
Fighting for myself, my friends,
My RIGHTS to my body,
To my paycheck,
To my LIFE.



I like what you have to say, I want to hear what your struggle is though. You mention that you are mistreated, then tell me, show me how you feel. How it makes cry, scream. Tell me a story from school or at work where you experienced prejudice. You mention the pay check, tell me you unfairness, what you suffer from because you can't afford. without it this is only a rant for equal rights all good which we all hear about again and again, but give me a story!


This is amazing. I read this and everything I was feeling every emotion that was inside me. Dropped and my mind rolled into the words of this poem.

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