Wolf in Sheep's Clothes


We talk about bullying,

blame it on the kids

blame it on the parents.

But there is one party 

who doesn't get 

their share of the blame.


They can help or hurt.

Their words leave

some of the deepest scars.

"Why do you try?"

"You just not that smart, are you?"

"You just don't get it, do you?" 

All these things

go un-noticed.

All these things 

are overlooked.  

Teachers can help or hurt.

"You are doing fine."

"You can do it."

"You are a good kid."

So lets make sure

that the message they send,

is the one that we want.

The one that helps us all.

The one that prevents bullying.

The one filled with hope.



I had a teacher two years ago

Who taught me the power of writing.

I had a teacher last year

Who taught me to laugh.

I have a teacher this year

Who teaches me to follow my stars,

My stars that I see rising.

I am lucky.

You are right beyond words.

Teachers have power.

Teachers can give you hope

Or break your deepest dreams.

Teachers can show they care

Or give you only spite.

They are a streak in your destiny.

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