The Wolf That Never Howled To The Moon

Tue, 08/20/2013 - 23:08 -- MarviaC


Glistening hair as silver as the bright lit moon

One's time to learn this way of life is never too soon

The agility to avoid their disputes

this is one's life as a canis lupus

Avoiding the hits of catastrophic gusts

chained to a myth of demonic and rust

but even though it might as well be true from the start

because even animal skeletons come out of the closet at dark

But there is an odd out of the even bunch

that never seems to eat others for lunch

that never seems to put fear in the air

that never seems to try to get dirt in one's hair

an outcast with a off-track mind

dream after dream every day in time

the poor one was left out by it's pack

at night they charged and never came back

roaming the spinning ground for weeks on end

still light headed and dreaming for a friend

a lone wolf that is what they call this one

maybe by the fact...

she would howl to the sun





Tell me what I need to work on, please! Thank you! :)

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