Woe of the Night

Nights are the battles we unknowingly conquer

For woes are abundant when silence takes over.

But to vanquish the night is to vanquish the mind

And a hero inside is what you shall find.


This day is written in tomorrow’s history.

Every act matters, gigantic or wee.

‘cause when a heart is willing defiance won’t show

When cultivated with love, kindness will grow.


Tomorrow is something away from your hand.

Uncertainty is crowning all over the land.

Fantasize the future, it’s always free.

But what’s meant to happen will always be.


Worry not, for today is a battle won

And tomorrow is a victory yet  to be done.

Fear is just a monster made by a faithless heart.

Gather your spirit and never tear it apart.


The world is big for you to carry alone.

Release your worries, be free ‘til dawn.

The moon is up, this world will cease.

This day is done,  my dear sleep in peace.


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