Woah Played Again

Wed, 02/20/2019 - 22:20 -- taren07

Honestly, i like how you played

Promising me, everything to fade away

That holds, me, back,

my doubts

My insecurities

But woah,  i got played, again

I actually cared for you

Which i never do

I put faith in you,

To have it skewed

You say its to prevent future damage

But you already knew i was feeling down

Imagine this image

Mindfully sound girl telling herself you don't need a man

You don't need someone to love you

To hold you

To take care of you

All of her life

But she found something new

Someone who listened to her

And thought her through

Relieving her of this duty to only rely on herself

But of course he did what he had to do,

He made me so alone

I started to forget myself

I was so, prone

After being told i mattered, for once in my life

To feel important for a second

Cut me off so clean with the sharpest of knives

And just had to completely wreck it

After being shown that my words do matter i am back to being invisible

Yet again, i am, feeling dull

Then you come along promising me life to the full

Brim of the vase of happiness you can't possibly erase

This is what i needed after being so tired from fighting off this loneliness

So tired of convincing myself i am winning this

So tired of trying to be someone i am not,

I do care,

i care a lot,

But that leads to broken hearts and i am not

Going to sulk about these boys

So i put up a coy,

Something to feel strong

Like i do not often long

For a deeper connection

But this double personality provides the protection,

Of a broken heart

I often find myself collecting

The pieces after they use me

And i act my heart is whole

That they can not see

The pieces of me

Lying scattered, ever so gently

I must collect them in silence

I don't want the violence

My mind inflicts on me when my heart breaks

That's, why, i, fake

But oh man, you, were a big mistake

For the first time, in, my, life, i handed someone my heart

I let you rip it apart

Watched you throw it on the ground

As i drop to my knees trying to conceal the damage

I Hear a funny sound,

A small weep from my lips managed

I let you see my heart shattered

I was too tired of constantly putting it back together

I let you see my disaster

I can't put myself altogether


I can't keep pretending for


i am done.



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