Wizard of Oz


You can call me Oz. I rightly fit the name.

I hide behind a curtain cause my heart is filled with shame.

I'll tell you my little secret, but only if you won't tell.

I have the world hypnotized by my little spell. 

I say that I don't care, when actually I do.

The words stay deep inside of me, and I can't tell you.

I try not to let it out, or ever let it go.

I try to hold it all in and never let you know,

That yes, I too am human, and yes I make mistakes.

That yes, I am imperfect in this world of give and take.

I hide that I am human. I want to be a star.

I want to be a hero.... though they say, be who you are.

That is not who I want to be. I'd like to be more.

Like the Wizard of Oz who hides behind his satin door.

So go on, shake your head at me, and laugh if you must,

But don't dare betray my secret and lose me my people's trust.

Those munchkins down in the land of Oz, this land that holds my name-

They think that I am a hero, oh! and I can never contain

The joy I feel when they say that I am all they want to be.

I hide behind a curtain because I want to be more than me.



hahaha.very nice poem! i love it ... Good job

God's Chosen Vessel

thank you!

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