without judgement


When the phone is down and the filters are off is when you see the real me. The real me is a person with Flaws that can only be highlighted by my own self-doubt. With my filter on my real presence is esoteric, flew see what i am really made of. Without my filter you see generosity and passion that i try so hard to hide that even i forgot what makes me. Without my filter i am seen as vulnerable and weak, but is it real weakness? Or is it the idea that society wants you to believe as weakness? Since when does someone tell you who you are? Without my filter I am strong and loving and no one can take that from me. The words that flow without the fear of judgement are ones of uplifting nature. They are words of postivity and confidence that are greater than any army. Without my filter i speak words of ease and compassion instead of words of hurt and harm. While not all my filtered words are ones of trouble, it is the words of trouble that makes my filter evident. These words do not make me yet they make an image of me to others that at i wish to fulfill. But since when has filling someone elses desires do anything for me. We all have our own filters we uses to present ourselves yet it makes us miserable, so i say no to anymore filters may all people see the person that i am within.

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Our world


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