Without A Flaw


In the middle there was something, a queen or a king,

From the beginning to the ending, they made everything,

Me being a part of that, my construction is exact,

Pin point molecular precision, being perfect wasn't my decision,

I was created this way from the branches to the roots,

from the trunk to the leaves amazing birthday suit,

Spontaneous always nothing can stay the same,

where others grow old and cold I remain the hottest flame,

without fame still successful, untamed by timed I surpass the temporal,

into the the spiritual, interdimensional, unnamed by man extra celestial,

I know where I am, not just mental, universal, soul incorporeal

vessel corporeal, I am so for real, deeper than visceral,

serious imperial, logic hyper-spherical, there we go and here we go,

into it and out if it, futuristic intuitive retro fit, but not retrograde,

life handed me bitter lemons I smiled sweet and made the grade,

no matter how inclined, the slope I intend to climb absent of age,

imagination if a force of nature, though others will try don't let them hate'ya,

I am without a flaw because we all exist, shaped by the nourishment of our shared environment,

that is no recant nor a relent, I am neither hell bent nor heaven sent

and I seek not approval for my accomplishments,

everything done on my own no accomplices, leave you in admonished astonishment

one day you could be like my but I make no promises.



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